How to Play Soccer

Before I began attending matches at the stadium or watching them on TV, I really only liked playing soccer. Later, I found myself discovering that this sport is super cool to watch, too. But — trust me –, it’s still incomparably more fun to play!

Stop looking everywhere for how to learn soccer, because it’s simpler than you think and we’ve got you covered. All you need is a ball and the will to go out there onto the field or your backyard and give it a try.

And, with the help of the articles, illustrations and videos you can find in the following sections, you’ll be learning how to play soccer in the blink of an eye.

Soccer Training

This training section teaches not only how you can start but also how to get better at soccer. It includes topics such as controllability, dribbling, shooting, heading and many more. Enjoy our detailed instructions packed with easy-to-follow and fun drills you can add to your training sessions.

Soccer Drills

This section is all about drills that are cool to try and will help you further develop your soccer skills.They’ll help you get faster at making decisions, anticipating your opponent’s moves, defending and/or attacking in corner kicks and plenty more.

Soccer Tactics

A soccer match can, oftentimes, be compared to a true chess game considering the tactical side of the beautiful game. In this section, we have tactics and strategies you can put in place for the several in-game situations giving you an edge over the opposing side.

Fitness & Injuries

This sport is obviously not just about ball control and technique. Being in shape and developing your endurance while preventing and fixing eventual injuries is also paramount. That’s why we’ve created the “Fitness & Injuries” section — so you can learn how to boost your performance and deal with injuries that may stop you from achieving your best. (These are just general guidelines, though, as we don’t have a medical degree and you should always seek out for professional medical help in case of need and doubt.)

Soccer Tricks

In this section, we’ve included how you can pull off some crazy freestyling soccer tricks that’ll leave everyone in awe. Besides, we also talk about those special moves (like nutmegs and flicks) that’ll enable you to successfully dribble your opponent in great style and class.

Soccer Gear

Owning the right soccer gear can make a world of difference when it comes to performance and comfortability. Gearing up with proper cleats, socks, kit, gloves and playing with a quality ball will help focus on what matters most, improving your soccer skills and taking your game to the next level. We’re here to help with our buying guides, reviews and recommendations.

Gear Maintenance

Knowing how to use and take proper care of your soccer gear goes a long way into making its characteristics last more, look as good as new for longer periods of time, get most out of it and make your investment worthwhile — hence this section.


Soccer Facts and Rules