Soccermodo was created by true soccer aficionados who wanted to contribute to the beautiful game by creating higher quality soccer gear information than that which was available on the web.

The project was launched in 2015 as Soccer Gear HQ but evolved to Soccermodo in early 2021 — with a totally revamped branding and website design, updated and improved content and a better user experience.

“Modo” is a Portuguese, Spanish and Italian word (all these three different languages derive from Latin hence the similarities) which means “mode” or “manner” in the sense of way of thinking or doing something.

Since we’re always thinking about soccer and live by the soccer philosophy… that’s the origin behind our site’s name.

Who’s Behind Soccermodo

Hi there! My name is Miguel and I’m from Portugal (yeah, Cristiano Ronaldo’s home country!), a country where everyone is literally CRAZY about football — as Europeans call it. Obviously, I’m no exception!

I’ve been playing the sport since a very young age and even got the lucky break to attend practice at the most famous soccer club in Portugal: S.L. Benfica.

I’m honored to say that I one time, totally unexpectedly, got to shake hands with club’s brightest star, one of the biggest legends in the game: Eusébio, the Black Panther!

I also love going to the Estádio da Luz whenever there’s a Benfica home game and watch other teams’ matches on TV.

Now that I’m older and in it just to have fun, stay fit, participate in some local tournaments and play amongst friends, I’ve become much more demanding of the things I wear and use while playing. I just want enjoy it to a much higher extent!

This has increasingly developed my interest in the topic of soccer gear over time. All of this combined with my love for sharing my findings with others is the reason why this blog exists today.

My mission is to help you find the best, most comfortable gear so you can put your entire focus entirely on the game itself and reach new heights!

How Content Is Created Here

Let’s be honest here. This blog is my baby — meaning that literally everything you’ll find here has been carefully planned, edited and reviewed before going live to the public.

To help me create some of the content, I do hire freelance writers, but nothing — and I mean, NOTHING — is published here before I obsessively read, analyze and confirm/correct everything (and, when needed, completely rewrite some bits). I’m that rigorous.

That’s how much I care about the accuracy of the content we produce and about you, our readers.

Our Reviews

Our soccer gear reviews take a lot of time to create – and benefit from years of experience, too – and are regularly updated.

Although we’ve had a few brands sending in their items for us to test them — which does not influence our analysis either way — it’s not always possible to get and check everything with our own eyes.

That’s why we spend an enormous amount of time researching and getting online feedback from confirmed buyers of the items being reviewed.

Not only to understand which ones are really worth it, but also to acknowledge the features that really matter for real users of such products.

And, since I live super close to a soccer stadium and a behemoth of a shopping mall, I have quick and easy access to some of the best soccer gear and sports stores around.

That’s where you can usually find me spending time and bothering their staff with my endless questions about the all new items that have just been launched in order to find the right ones to offer as interesting suggestions.

If you decide to follow one of our recommendations and get a product, our research, test and analysis work may be supported through an affiliate commission (although not always) — at no extra cost to you — from retailers or manufacturers.

However, we aren’t in any way influenced or pressured to suggest items that simply aren’t good. It’s quite the opposite; if you end up returning something we had recommended, we won’t earn any money whatsoever and, much worse, we’ll lose your trust!

That being said, the products that we have come to the conclusion that are worth recommending or list as the best in their category are the same as those that we would buy ourselves or offer as advice to friends and family. We take your money as seriously as it were ours.

Our Goal

At the end of the day, our intention is to create and maintain an online resource that’s trustworthy, something that wasn’t created for the sole purpose of promoting this or that brand/product.

Our goal is to help you be better equipped to make conscious and well-informed decisions when it comes to finding the best quality and most comfortable soccer gear without breaking the bank and avoid shopping headaches.

Focus on the Game Itself and Nothing Else

Looking to get better at soccer (be it playing or coaching) is already hard enough by itself to still have to spend your energy considering other details.

Wearing stuff that doesn’t fit nicely, made out of poor materials that aren’t worth their price or wasting hours searching for the right gear will just keep you distracted from what you should really be paying attention to.

Spend more time practicing and improving your soccer skills and worry less about your gear. We’ll take care of that for you!

At Soccermodo, we spend our days testing the latest balls, cleats and all kinds of gear and equipment to create truthful and thorough reviews so that you can reach new heights in your game without going overboard with your spending.


Because we want you to focus on the game itself and nothing else.

This Is Why You Should Stick Around

Don’t you want to learn more about soccer, develop your soccer skills by a ton and up your in-game experience massively?

Sure you do!

That’s why you should add Soccermodo to your favorites and stick around!

Just see if you agree with any of following…

  • You want your soccer shoes to fit perfectly and your socks to stay in place when you’re giving your best at practicing or playing time.
  • You want to be able to solely focus on your game rather than be distracted (and annoyed) by bad gear or the wrong equipment.
  • You want to know what the best gear is based on what actual customers are reporting and not on what brands are claiming about their products.
  • You want long-lasting, high-quality products to enjoy the game at its fullest.

If you do… you’ll love what we have in store for you; lots of great content including:

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Welcome to Soccermodo and we hope you enjoy the content that took us a lot of time and work to create!

By the way, if you have any suggestions on how to make this site even better, feel free to get in touch!

Luís Miguel