What Is a Hat Trick in Soccer

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Many goalless soccer games can indeed be as or more exciting than those with lots of goals. However, there’s nothing better than seeing someone hit the back of the net.

And when you have a striker on fire, you might even see one of soccer’s prize performances: a hat trick. But what is a hat trick in soccer? You’ll find out right away!

The term hat trick in soccer means that a single player achieved the rare feat of scoring 3 goals in one match in the 90 minutes of regulation time (and the 30 minutes of extra time for knockout games with overtime), consecutively or not. Goals from a penalty shootout do not count for a hat trick.

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What Is a Hat Trick in Soccer (Association Football) Terms

Like many other soccer terms, “hat trick” is one that only association football fans can explain and get to enjoy.

It’s a super tough achievement since goals in soccer aren’t easy to score, let alone three!

Meaning of a Hat Trick in Soccer

The meaning of a “hat trick” in soccer is when one player manages to score three goals in a single match.

The correct spelling of the term is with two words: “hat” and “trick”.

What Is Considered a Hat Trick in Soccer?

To be considered a hat trick, one player has to score three goals in one match.

That is, within the 90 minutes that a soccer game lasts.

Or within 120 minutes of a knockout match that goes into extra time.

Those three goals may be scored in a row or not.

And by “in a row”, I mean no other player(s) would score their own goal(s) interrupting the hat-trick scorer’s sequence.

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