What Are Soccer Cleats?

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One of the reasons soccer is so popular all around the World is because you can play everywhere, and no fancy or expensive equipment is needed — except for what you wear on your feet.

There’s where soccer cleats come into play — literally. Let’s understand what they are, their purpose and why players use them.

Soccer cleats/shoes in America (football boots in the UK) are the footwear used when playing soccer; a required item in a player’s gear. Their low-cut, snugly, and lightweight construction provides support, speed, agility, traction, and grip — essential for a player’s top performance on the field.

The above explanation doesn’t explain everything so let’s expand on the topic!

What Are Soccer Cleats?

A soccer cleat is the type of footwear players use when playing a soccer game.

In North America, soccer shoe is another name for soccer cleat — they are the same thing. In England, they call it a football boot. The name of the sport is Association Football — soccer is just a short name.

Soccer cleats are an essential item in a soccer player’s gear.

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