Soccer Links & Resources

In this page, I’ll be listing some of the best soccer resources, tools and links that you can find online and not just online.

Soccer Resources

  • Soccer Help has more than 1,500 pages of pure actionable soccer content. From videos, to drills, games, tips and formations…It really does live up to its name and has been helping a ton of players, coaches and managers better understand and leverage their skills in the beautiful game of football.
  • Soccer Training Info Soccer Training Info features the best soccer training tricks, tips and strategies.Learn all about how to improve your abilities in aspects such as passing, dribbling and shooting.
  • Sports Moz claims to be the largest sports directory online and, by the looks of it, that title surely holds true.These huge list of sports and sports leagues includes: soccer, MLS, Formula 1, Nascar, NBA, NFL, MLB, PGA, golf and much, much more.A visit to the Sports Moz website is definitely worth it!

Soccer Links

  • Football Shirt Collection Check out this awesome website where you can find (and get) the greatest match worn shirts from legendary soccer players and historical soccer clubs.Discover old relics such as Roberto Donadoni‘s Italian national team jersey and Barcelona’s Víctor Muñoz match worn jersey when Barça played against Sporting Lisbon in the 1986 UEFA Cup match.There is also some rare stuff like George Best’s Los Angeles Aztecs jersey. Like that wasn’t enough on its own, there are still many more other true soccer treasures and plenty of shirts from the Irish football league.
  • Safe Ticket Compare is dedicated to comparing football ticket prices from ticket agents all across Europe and in the UK in particular. The website offers its visitors access to all ticket prices in just one place, which ends up saving you a bunch of time and, most importantly, a lot of money too. It’s the go-to site for when you really want those hard-to-get tickets that usually sell out quickly. Safe Ticket Compare only works with trusted ticket partners that are sure to deliver your much desired piece of paper that opens the doors to the ultimate matches.
  • Compare Football Players Check out this amazing page with a huge list of head-to-head comparisons between some of the best soccer players in the World!Popular matches include: Cristiano Ronaldo Vs. Lionel Messi, Zlatan Ibrahimovic Vs. Cristiano Ronaldo, Neymar vs Lionel Messi and many many more.
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