What Does FC Stand For in Soccer? CF, SC, ASF? Meaning Explanation

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What Does “FC” Stand For in Soccer Team Names?

The acronym “FC”, that is part of the name of many soccer teams, stands for “Football Club”.

(“FC” does not stand for “Fan Club”, as some people might mistakenly think.)

Why is the word “Football” included if we are talking about soccer?

Well, because that is how they call soccer outside of North America.

The full name of the sport is Association Football, but it’s generally known as “football”.

When the first teams appeared in 1800s England, they called them “Football Club” followed by the name of the city, town or neighborhood they belonged.

Football clubs now often use the letters FC as an official part of their name.

What Does CF Mean in Soccer

The “CF” acronym in soccer stands for “club de fútbol” or “clube de futebol” — which is “football club” in Spanish and Portuguese, respectively.

What’s the Difference Between FC and AFC?

The difference between “FC” and “AFC” relies exactly on the full name of the beautiful game: Association Football.

So, if “FC” stands for “Football Club”, the “AFC” acronym means “Association Football Club”.

What Is the Difference Between FC and SC?

The acronym “SC” in soccer team names stands for “Soccer Club”, “Sporting Club”, or “Sports Club”.

In Europe, there are several multisport clubs. Multisport clubs are those with more than one sports section such as basketball, volleyball, hockey, association football, athletics, etc.

Many of those multisport clubs have “SC” in their name as a way to represent their eclecticism.


The initials “FC” are part of a soccer team’s name and “Football Club”.

This acronym usually follows the official name of a soccer team, but can occasionally come before it.

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